How to value a house

Looking to sell? Then you will most likely be wondering how to value your house. Ultimately the answer to this question is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. However, there are four main factors which influence its value and what you should list if for which we have listed below.

The risk of putting your property on the market for more than its value is it elongates the selling process and turns buyers off. Later reducing the asking price can lead to lowball offers from buyers looking for a bargain.  The best way to make sure you are getting the right price is to work with an estate agent trust to give you a true assessment of your house value.

What adds value to a house


Location is one of the most influential factors contributing to house values. Everything from where you are in the country, county and city can make a major difference in your house price.


The second most important feature influencing your house price is its size. Buyers usually require a minimum number of bedrooms; so when it comes to size bigger usually means better.


The third most influential feature to the value of your home is its condition. Everything from how recently it was decorated to any outstanding maintenance can impact the offers potential buyers will place on your home. Many buyers will think about the cost of repairs and in the majority of cases will deduct this from off any offer.

The housing market

The final factor influencing how to value a house is the housing market both locally and nationally. Whilst some areas can be immune to fluctuations in market prices, overall the majority of the UK will see house prices rise and fall based on the strength of the economy, influences interest rates and inflation.

During a low economic downturn, interest rates increase, mortgages become more expensive and demand for housing drops.  As demand decreases, the prices of houses fall to match demand.

H2 How to get an accurate valuation

With all these factors to consider, here is the best steps to take to get an accurate valuation of your property:

  1. Review other houses in the local area that has sold in your area of a similar size within the last few months
  2. Get an online valuation. But make sure you remember that online valuations are based on an algorithm and does not consider the properties condition. You can check out Sperring Residentials valuation tool here.
  3. Invite two to three estate agents around to do a walk through and provide their estimate. Remember to ask for both what they recommend the house listing price as well as a prediction on what it would achieve.

By doing your homework ahead and meeting with more than one agent you will be able make a more informed decision on what is a realistic value for your property and avoid long delays in selling.

Tips for picking the right estate agent

The key ingredient to picking the right agent is trust. Not only does an estate agent represent your property to prospective buyers, but you also rely on them to keep you up to date throughout the process. Its tempting to go with the lowest fee or the highest valuation, however, make sure you are confident the agent is giving a true reflection of the property’s value.

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